The All-in-one Solution for Local businesses
12+ Tools

The All-in-one Solution

for Local businesses

12+ Tools

To elevate your Messaging, Marketing, Sales, Invoicing, Reviews and more....


Bulk Social Media Scheduling with SOMS Connect

Streamline your content calendar, effortlessly scheduling posts across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, X, Google My Business and TikTok.

Save time and increase consistency in your online presence, ensuring your brand is always engaging and relevant. Our intuitive tool lets you plan ahead, analyse performance, and connect with your audience at optimal times. 

A.I content creation integration add on feature available. 

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All-in-one Messaging with SOMS Connect

Seamlessly merge messages from Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, PLUS send email all in one place. 

This centralised hub simplifies replying to your enquiries and customers, ensuring quick, consistent, and effective communication.

*Free Mobile App and Browser version*


Streamlined Invoicing & Payments with SOMS Connect

Experience the ease of generating one-off or recurring invoices and accepting payments through sleek Payment Pages.

This feature simplifies your billing process, ensuring timely and consistent cash flow. Enhance your professional image with customisable invoices, while offering clients convenient payment options. Streamline your financial transactions and elevate your business’s financial management effortlessly.

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Efficient Database Management with SOMS Connect

Unlock the power of data with SOMS Connect’s Database feature.

Our intuitive platform enables you to effortlessly organise and access crucial customer information including documents and custom fields. 

This centralised database is your gateway to improved efficiency, targeted marketing, and a deeper understanding of your customer base. Elevate your data management to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.


Boost Reputation with Automated Google & Facebook Reviews with SOMS Connect

Effortlessly gather and showcase reviews from Google and Facebook.

This feature enhances your online presence, building trust with potential customers. Monitor and respond to feedback, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction. Leverage positive reviews to attract new clients and improve SEO rankings.

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Instant Connection with SMS Chat Widget with SOMS Connect

Transform your website’s customer interaction with SOMS Connect’s SMS Chat Widget.

It looks like live chat but connects via quick SMS, ensuring instant, direct communication with your customers. This innovative feature includes number tracking and detailed reporting, offering insights into customer interactions. Enhance user experience with real-time engagement, boosting satisfaction and response rates. Elevate your customer service with this modern, efficient messaging tool.

Note: SMS is an additional cost


Seamless Appointment Booking & Payments with SOMS Connect

SOMS Connect blends bookings with payments, allowing you to secure deposits and schedule clients simultaneously.

Sync with Google Calendar, Zoom, or Outlook for effortless coordination.

This feature streamlines the appointment process, enhancing convenience for both you and your clients. 


Versatile Pipelines with SOMS Connect

Optimise your workflows with SOMS Connect’s Pipeline feature.

More than just for sales, our pipelines provide a dynamic tool for managing various business processes. Track projects, customer journeys, service deliveries, and more with ease.

Customise stages to suit your unique needs, ensuring clarity and efficiency in every step. This adaptable feature boosts productivity and visibility across your business, paving the way for smoother operations and success.


Empower Learning with 'Create Your Own Course' on SOMS Connect

Unleash the potential of digital education with SOMS Connect’s ‘Create Your Own Course’ feature.

Tailor educational content to your audience, crafting courses that resonate and educate. This tool offers flexibility and creativity in course design, allowing for a range of multimedia and interactive elements. 

Enhance your brand’s value through knowledge sharing, while generating additional revenue streams.

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Maximise Reach with Email Campaigns on SOMS Connect

Boost your marketing efforts with SOMS Connect’s Email Campaigns.

Craft compelling emails that captivate your audience and drive engagement. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the creation and management of email campaigns, ensuring your message resonates with your target market. 

Analyse campaign performance with detailed reports, refining your strategy for maximum impact. Strengthen customer relationships and expand your reach with powerful, personalised email communication.


Streamline Operations with Automated Workflows in SOMS Connect

Automate key processes and triggers to save time and reduce errors. Customise workflows to match your business needs, from lead nurturing to customer service. This feature enhances productivity, allowing you to focus on growth while the system handles routine tasks.

Experience the ease of automated efficiency and elevate your operational effectiveness with SOMS Connect.


Collaborate Effectively with Multi-User Access in SOMS Connect

Empower your team with SOMS Connect’s Multi-User feature.

This functionality allows staff to collaborate seamlessly, accessing the tools they need to excel in their roles.

Schedule appointments, manage messaging, invoicing, social media and more, all under one platform.

Enhance team coordination and productivity, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Foster a collaborative work environment and streamline operations with shared access, driving your business forward together.

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